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The site for open discussion of regulatory documents in the sphere of building launched

June 30, 2014

The National association of engineers has launched and internet site for professionals in the sphere of engineering of engineering systems and construction with the address of vmeste.nop.ru. The site is created to lead open discussions and develop qualitative regulatory documentation in the sphere of building.

The aim of the project is to lure professionals of the sphere to discuss the existing problems.

The users of the portal may provide their version of amendments in the documents and also discuss and make up the ways for their update. Any user may determine issues which arose when implementing documents and submit solutions or discuss and value issues provided by other users.

The project activity documents are divided into several categories: engineering surveys for construction and engineering, engineering, building, operation, fire precautions and other.

Currently, there are 6 documents being discussed.

Code regulations “Generic design documentation”; The joint standard by the NOP-NOSTROI SSNO “Internal engineering networks of buildings and structures. Fire protection of air ducts. Rules for engineering and implementation, control, acceptance requirements”; Associated recommendations by NOP-NOSTROI SRNO “Internal engineering networks of buildings and structures. Recommendations on installation of energy efficient ventilation systems and air conditioning. Rules for engineering, assembly and adjusting”;

Code regulations: “Proceedings for engineering, adaptation, approval and list of design documents on civil constructions”;

Code regulations: “Rules for supervision in the sphere of construction”; Joint recommendations by NOP-NOSTROI SRNO “External engineering networks. Sewage and water drains. Recommendations for assembly, operation, repair and disposal of gravity pipe-lines made of polyolefines with structured walls”.

The portal has been working for 3 months. More than 150 users have registered on-line. The daily attendance is more than 100 users. According to the authors, the relatively low number of daily visitors is explained by only 6 documents for discussion available. The number will be boosting.

One of the key tasks will be attracting professionals from the associated spheres what will allow to develop a unified concept and approach to solve the actual issues. The discussed issues are similar to the ones of builders, power engineers, ecologists, economists, lawyers, surveyors and others.

The portal has already been supported by the state and municipal authorities, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of construction and house utilities and others. Rostehnadzor, the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, the Builders association of Russia, the Russian union of entrepreneurs and industrialists, the scientific enterprise NAMIX, administrations of Bryansk, Tyumen and Irkutsk oblasts.

According to the official letters, the site for open discussions is the new format which is necessary for the industry.

Source: http://news-is.ru

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