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News of engineering systems

ADL company specializing at production and supply engineering equipment has announced launching the annual open competition for engineering organizations titled ADL as the basis for successful projects 2014 The application process started on 1st of May... »»»

Another grand project has been engineered for Dubai. This is a mini-town with autonomous climate conditions. A park under the roof, health-care centers, shops, theaters and the biggest trade centre in the world named Mall of the world will be situated... »»»

The National association of engineers has launched and internet site for professionals in the sphere of engineering of engineering systems and construction with the address of vmeste.nop.ru. The site is created to lead open discussions and develop... »»»

Honeywell company is organizing a competition for engineers of engineering systems. Best Honeywell project 2014 is the all-russian competition among engineering organizations on application of automated heating equipment, heating supply systems,... »»»

On 19th of June the conference State and main ways of development of regulatory systems in the sphere of engineering systems holds in Saint Petersburg. The conference is held within the International specialized exhibition Energetics and electric... »»»

On 25-28th of June non-profit partnership Engineers for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heating supply and constructional thermal physics ABOK holds in Sochi a congress-tour titled Innovative technologies of the Olympic infrastructures . The aim... »»»

The government delegation of St. Petersburg headed by Governor Georgy Poltavchenko visited Diacont company where they were shown new blocks for engineering and manufacturing, mobile laboratories for diagnostics and renovation of heat supply systems as... »»»

Leading air conditioning manufacturers are making efforts to switch to new-generation refrigerants which would have a less-devastative effect on environment. Nowdays the only alternative for HFC-refrigerants with a high global warming potential is... »»»

The Ministry of construction (Minstroi) has prepared a draft regulation for amendments aimed at setting social norms for utility services in the Russian Federation. According to the amendments, the terms for putting into force the social norms on water... »»»

An innovative air conditioner has been engineered in the Russian Institute of alternative energy. The unique properties of the air conditioner are the ones that it uses a heat transfer agent the temperature of which is 40 degrees. At the same time the... »»»

On 9th of April the International exhibition of household and commercial equipment for heating, water supply, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation systems swimming pools and SPA titled Aqua-Therm St. Petersburg 2014 was opened in Lenexpo . The... »»»

At the 16th International conference and exhibition Program software for heating supply systems, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and water supply and automation REHAU company presented its new software. Within the conference the company... »»»

From 10th to 14th of March Novosibirsk state university of architecture and civil engineering (Sibstrin) hosted annual competition for university Heating supply and ventilation department students. The transregional competition has been organized since... »»»

The 10th International exhibition for air conditioning systems, ventilation, heating supply and commercial refrigerating systems World of climate was held from 11th to 14th of March in the Central exhibition complex Expocenter in Moscow, Krasnaya... »»»

The Ministry for construction in Russia makes a new set of rules concerning the norms for engineering healthcare centers in Russia. The regulations concerning engineering norms for healthcare centers in Russia have not been changed since the 70 s of the... »»»

On 13-14th of February 2014, ABOK Russia hosted annual conference titled Software for heating supply and ventilation systems, air conditioning, thermal and refrigerating supply and automation . More and more specialists join the conference Software for... »»»

Grundfos company has announced the starting of the annual competition Grundfos award 2014 in the nomination of engineering systems. The competition of the best projects is organized every year by OOO Grundfos company among the engineering professionals... »»»

Bosh Thermotechnik Junkers is running training and refresher courses for organizations, assemblers and engineers of heating systems. The focus of the courses is to boost professional skills and experience. We would like the specialists to stop being... »»»

Aqua-Therm Moscow 2014 set a new attendance record. The first day of the event was attended by more than 7000 people that is more by 21% against the previous year. The growth in number of visitors underlines the interest to the industry of engineering... »»»

Institute for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration (AHRI) in Arlington, VA, announced launching the second stage of the Alternative Refrigerants Evaluation Program (AREP) with a low global warming potential (GWP). Ecological problems occurred... »»»

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