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Utility systems design

Specialists from our company develop, implement, coordinate and monitor projects of any complexion at the modern technical level from a refrigerator unit to gas boiler houses with all requirements of our customers considered. Our company has been licensed to carry out engineering works by one of the largest self-regulatory organizations in St. Petersburg – Non-commercial partnership “Association of engineers”.

Our company is experienced in implementing projects for internal engineering networks considering all necessary regulations and requirements both for customers in Russia and near-abroad countries.

 We are specialized in the following spheres:

  • Ventilation
  • Automated ventilation
  • Heat supply for ventilation
  • Smoke ventilation (smoke exhaust and air pressurization)
  • Aspiration
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration supply
  • Central refrigerated stations including the stations using heat – Absorption refrigerating machines
  • Heating, heat-insulated floors
  • Water supply
  • Sewage system
  • Power supply
  • Electric lighting
  • Low current systems
  • Measures to maintain energy efficiency of buildings and structures

 It is a tough task to engineer all the above mentioned points in the contemporary architecture. It is a task for the high level specialists.

We offer engineering service on the above mentioned points both separately and in combination not only as a part of architectural works but also providing engineering of internal engineering systems. Another option is the complex “turnkey” engineering service with the architectural combination and systems connection.

The engineering service we provide gives an opportunity to save funds on extra works when assembling the mentioned systems.

There are different stages of implementing the design works which differ by the depth of their development, terms and costs.

The two main stages for engineering works:

Stage I () is necessary to obtain technical requirements to connect an object to external sources, obtain a positive conclusion from the appraisal committee and get a license to build an object.

Stage II (P) is the engineering documentation which follows the first and executed to determine the full pricing of the materials, equipment as well as building and assembly works.

Stage II (P) pricing:


A square meter in roubles
including VAT 18%

Ventilation, Aspiration

from 40

Smoke ventilation (smoke exhaust and air pressurization)

from 25

Heating supply for ventilation

from 10

Air conditioning

from 30

Refrigeration supply

from 30

Central refrigerated stations including the stations using heat –
Absorption refrigerating machines

agreed price

Heating, heat-insulated floors

from 35

Water supply, sewage system

from 20


These are the base prices. Call us +7(812)740-47-75 or write to info@bengs.ru to get informed about the discounting systems.

Design of heating systems
Design of air conditioning and ventilation
Design of aspiration and air cleaning systems
Design of smoke exhaust systems and smoke protection
Design of ventilation and air conditioning automation systems
Design of heat supply systems for ventilation and calorifers
Design of ventilation and ventilation elements
Design of water supply systems
Design of refrigeration supply for ventilation systems
Design of power efficiency
Design of heat insulated floors
Design of sewage systems
Design of power supply and automation systems
Design of lithium bromide absorption refrigerating machines

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