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Installation of air conditioners

The idea to manage the climate indoors is not new – our ancestors built wooden blocks which keep heating in winter time and maintain cooling ambient in summer time. Another point is the conditions of the modern city with asphalt roads, high block houses of concrete, brick and glass. The temperature inside at a sunny side may reach 30 degrees and even higher, that’s why an open window is the way for hot air only. The rescue aid of summer heat was invented long ago. These are air conditioners which are used almost in every office. Air conditioners are also installed in many flats and houses.

The choice of a model depends on the area, number of people and appliances. Today almost all the models of air conditioners which are sold in trade centers are perfect and comply with the set performance. Moreover, air conditioners are covered with warranty as any other electronics in case of failures.

How an air conditioner may get broken

The key point is not air conditioners but their assembly. Unprofessional and improper assembly results in premature failures of the compressor – the most expensive part of the air conditioner. It is quite useless from the economical side to repair the compressor because a new one costs a bit higher than the reparation. From the other side the proper assembly according to all the norms and regulations provides a durable and faultless operation with the routine maintenance only.

It is quite a broad theme for discussion because there are many installation methods. Here it is better to note that an improper assembly may lead to failures and a loss of function. That’s why it is not recommended that the installation is carried out by people without a minimum one year experience. Even if you consider yourselves as specialists in assembly, then you may buy the expendables but the excess costs shall be equal to the amount you pay to qualified specialists.

The way-out is to contact a solid company that has been involved in the process for many years and has all the necessary equipment (a perforator, pliers and handsaw is not enough) including positive opinions from the customers.

One of such companies in Saint Petersburg is “Baltic Engineering Systems”. We have been installed air conditioners for many years and gained good reputation of our customers.

What the integral parts of installation are  

The initial and one of the most important steps of assembly is the choice of the place for installation. The air conditioner shall be protected from any external influence that may lead to its breakdown. Let’s have a look at the split air conditioner systems.

Choosing the place for the internal block

  • The place for installation shall be quite strong to hold up the weight.
  • The place shall have an easy access for adjusting and service maintenance.
  • The place shall provide free air circulation but avoid direct sunlight.
  • An important point is the water outlet. It is recommended that the drain pipe is short.

Choosing the place for the external block

  • The place for installation shall be quite strong to hold up a weighty unit.
  • A slight foundation may lead to an unexpected noise (fluttering). It is forbidden to have the external block fixed on the ground (asphalt).
  • The place shall provide an easy access for service maintenance (even if it is the tenth floor).
  • The location of the external block shall be close to the inner one including the height balance. Each air conditioner has permitted values of altitude difference and length of pipe-lines.

 Laying of pipe-lines and wire installation

Pipe-lines and wires that connect to the split-systems are passed through holes in the wall which are drilled with a perforator. In order not to damage wires and pipe-lines it is recommended that a protection tube which is inserted in the hole be used. To prevent rain water from getting in the hole it shall have a gentle gradient.

Copper pipes without welded connections shall be used to lay pipe-lines. A pipe cutter shall be used to cut pipes. A pipe cutter serves also to prevent metal chips from getting inside the pipe-line what makes the expansion more difficult.

The next step is the pipe coating. The step is quite important. It allows the possibility of condensates to be set down on the copper pipes to be minimized, thus preventing the system from the performance reduction.

Fastening of an air conditioner

Both internal and external blocks are fastened at the same level to prevent water from leaking out. As mentioned above, the external unit is never installed on the ground.

Air removal

After the pipe-lines have been connected the air is removed. Without doing so the inlet air may lead to the loss of capacity. The moisture inside may lead to freon breakdown and damage the compressor electric drive. Air is removed by the vacuum pump.

Final steps

The wiring system is connected, drain pipe is installed. Then all the openings shall be filled with foam or other hermetic what is followed by finishing works.

“Baltic Engineering Systems” ascertains a qualified assembly and post-warranty service.

Contact us to order assembly of air conditioners and we will prove you that there is no bad weather in Saint Petersburg.

Our top-ranked specialists will help you find the engineering solutions for your projects.

Call +7(812)740-47-75 or write to info@bengs.ru.

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