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Design of heating systems

It is quite difficult to overestimate the importance of a good heating system in the North of Russia. This is a basis for a comfortable life in winter time. However, the owners of the built houses start thinking of that when the construction works are in a full swing. So to say, that the engineering proceeding on the heating system shall be executed at the early stage of the project. Although such building projects have the heating system specified, nevertheless some typical options match badly to the reality and it is a rare occasion when they consider modern equipment and technologies. What shall the owners of the future house do in this case?

The answer is easy – it is necessary to order a heating supply project in the company which is specialized in this sphere and implement both installation and maintenance works. Then at the stage of the architectural engineering the engineers know the place for installation of a boiler and the way the pipe-lines and smoke conduits are mounted. By the way, sometimes it turns out that the assemblers find out that the house which is prepared for setting a heat generator – it is not equipped with a smoke conduit. Also it is quite difficult to match a boiler with a smoke conduit system. The smoke conduit made of a brickwork is likely to get broken under the acids which are formed at the process of smoke condensation.

The company “Baltic engineering systems” has been executing engineering works on heating systems for many years and developed projects for many country houses. We consider all details – equipment and financial means of our customers with the best result guaranteed. What is the engineering process of a heating system starting with?

Before starting building and choosing a boiler unit it is necessary to determine the type of circulation used. There are two of them: a forced-circulation unit and gravity type unit or natural-circulated heat transfer loop. The last one is free of electricity supply because it requires a pump. From the one side it is quite useful but from the other side the natural-circulated system limits significantly the pipe-line – it is impossible to apply many contemporary materials, pipe-lines of large diameters required, assemblers have to follow all the details and such a system is difficult to adjust.

Engineering of heating system for a country house

The forced-type circulation may be applied in the case there are no power failures. However, it solves all the issues which can be found in the natural-circulated units. The choice of the circulation type depends on the pipe-lines and equipment which will be used when engineering. For example, boilers aimed for systems of natural circulation show a good performance when installed into the systems of forced circulation but not vice versa. Radiators and pipe-lines are important system components.

It is shall not be a surprise to note that radiators and pipe-lines for the heating system shall be chosen not only by the aesthetic reasons. There are several types of radiators on the market and they are all equally good. For instance, cast iron radiators are durable. Many of them can work without maintenance for at least 50 years. But they possess a high thermal inertia, that’s why they are difficult in adjusting by the room thermostats without changing the water temperature in the system.

A panel-type radiator made of steel has a good interchange ability, it is easily adjusted, it requires little water. Moreover, the choice of such radiators of various types and dimensions meets the demands of any interior designer. However, they also have some disadvantages – they shall not be used with the open heating systems and some pipes of polypropylene – they are instable to oxygen diffusion from air.

Aluminum radiators are installed when it is not recommended to mount radiators of the two last types. Unfortunately, they possess not only the advantages but also disadvantages of the steel or cast iron radiators. Bimetallic or steel tubular radiators are not recommended to use in country houses of low-storey houses.

There is a good number of pipes – metal-reinforced plastic pipes, plastic pipes, copper pipes and steel pipes. The material is matched based on the heating system in the way to provide the required operational and hydraulic performance. The procedure shall be done by the specialists.

Power, gas, liquid and solid fuel boilers are used in the country houses. The boilers shall be chosen on the basis of the economic efficiency. The pricing of the heating which was generated from different heat transfer units differs significantly. However, it is not always possible to use a cheapest option.

The procedure of choosing boilers shall be given to the assembly and maintenance specialists. They will help choose the best model and avoid mistakes.

“Baltic engineering systems” considers all details with the best efforts. For years we have been gaining positive opinions from our customers including our regular customers.

It shall be summarized that the maintenance of the heating systems is a very important factor for trouble-free operation. Boilers as any other equipment require maintenance what prolongs their life-time and prevents from deficiency.

Our top-ranked specialists will help you find the engineering solutions for your projects.

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