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What is ventilation aimed for?

For comfortable breathing a human needs 60 square meters of oxygenated air per hour. How can one get air in a flat, office or at a factory?

There are two main ventilation systems:

  1. Natural air circulation through opened windows, gaps, leaks or specially engineered exhaust systems (deflectors), etc.
  2. By mechanical convection where a ventilator allows the required air to move from the external part of the building into the premises.

Let’s have an attentive look at the system parameters, their difference and advantages?

Natural air circulation is the easiest, cheapest and most effective solution on the market. Here are small windows, windows with micro-ventilation, air infiltration valves. They don’t require service maintenance.

The disadvantage of the given system is in a high dust content in the air (there are no filter elements integrated), operational inconstancy (variation of pressure and temperature of air-flow, lack of wind), low comfort (just try to make natural ventilation for 30 minutes when the temperature outside is minus 20°C).

The ventilation which is mechanically forced is a complex but professional solution. The system shall be engineered by the specialists. The first step will be contacting the company which provides engineering service and processing design documents. When ordering the design documents it is better to ask the engineering company to show all necessary certificates to avoid possible problems. Then the information with the technical requirements shall be coordinated and approved by the customer. The requirements shall be specified in details (ambient temperature, system control, noise level, humidity data, etc.). Based on the requirements list and construction regulations the engineering company shall develop the design documents on ventilation.

What is it necessary for? So to say, that there is a huge choice of equipment and materials for ventilating systems on the market. That’s why it is a tough task for the customer to compare two or three options. With the design documents available the customer may compare and choose the company which offers the most appropriate terms under the planning documentation.

The advantage of the system is an opportunity to make a comfortable microclimate considering all possible requirements by the customer. The microclimate is free of weather conditions such as cold temperatures, dust, etc.

The disadvantage of the system is in its comparatively high price compared to the natural ventilation, excellent professional skills of both the engineering company and mounting company. The reconstruction expenditures shall be equal to the construction of the system from square one. The customer shall be attentive when choosing the mounting company and has to ask the assembling company to provide all the regulatory documents and permissions to carry out assembly works.

It is also recommended to ask the pricing for service maintenance.

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